Ma Huang Herb tea For Sale – Ephedrine is an extract of Ephedra Sinica that burns Fat


SIZE: 8 oZ

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Removes Brain-Fog! Lift’s Gloomy Dull Moods! Revives Sluggish Body Slow Thinking, Makes you want to never Sit Down. Go Go Go but in a Crazy Way. Stamina! Endurance!

Relieves Exhaustion and Depressed Moods. Gym and Exercise and Hobby’s and Projects and Cleaning will be your New Best Friends

Mu Huang  Extract Concentrate 20-1 Potency.  Powerful Motivation, Body and Mental Stimulation,  Adrenal Boosting,  Asthma and Sinus Nasal Stuffiness Allergy Relief ! Bronchial Tube Lung Expanding. Best Motivation Energy Herb That Works

Keep Gym and Workout Routine, Gets you off the Couch and Non-Stop Work & Play All Day !

Does Not Cause Anxiety or shakes or jitters, However try and use without Coffee or other Caffeine’s and stimulants until you get used to and know it’s Effects


Ephedrine, a major component of ephedra, can increase the number of calories your body burns. Research has shown this results in greater weight and fat loss over weeks to months.

In five studies of ephedrine compared to a placebo, ephedrine led to weight loss of 3 pounds (1.3 kg) per month more than a placebo — for up to four months

Ephedra’s effectiveness and the usefulness of ephedrine for weight loss has not been surpassed by other replacement stimilants attempting to mimic Ephedra Sinica, Most of thewse New Herbal Ephedra Replacement Herbs and Dangerous Manmade tossing herbs together to mimic Ma Huang, just make you very nervous and very uncomfortable and anxious and sweaty palms and groins and dangerous anxiety that ruin your Day. Including Herbs Like p-synephrine bitter Orange or Yohimbe as well as way to many other Herbs Guessing Kitchen Sink combinations thrown together carelessly.

Additionally, many Ephedra Sinica – ephedrine studies examine the combination of ephedra “ma haung” ephedrine and Guarana-caffeine rather than ephedrine alone.

Acts synergistically with caffeine
Many studies examining the weight loss effects of ephedrine have combined this ingredient with caffeine.

The combination of ephedrine and caffeine appears to exert greater effects on your body than either ingredient alone.

For example, ephedrine plus caffeine increases metabolic rate more than ephedrine alone.

Ephedra Sinica Extract Ma Huang Buy Online, is a Powerful Asthma relief and Lung Expanding Herb Used Safely in China without Issues for 5000 years. Best Motivation Energy Herb That Works! Helps Clear Brain Fog!!! Makes you Move Fast and Think Fast but not Hyper Chatty Caty>

If Your Always Tired and Coffee Barely Works? THIS Will Kick you in the Butt and Get your Arse in Gear!

Chronic Fatigue? This Will Launch you out of Bed and Lazy Non Productive Days. Get Ready for a New Fresh Start in Life!!!

Keep Gym and Workout Routine, Gets you off the Couch and Non-Stop Work & Play All Day !

Ma Huang Extract 20:1

100% organic and genuine from China

This product underwent two extraction processes, which led to a 20 to 1 higher concentration in some alkaloids and a reduction in other alkaloids.

The color will have a slight variation from Batch to Batch but the potency is tested before packaged.

Extraction Process:>

This is the stage of the extraction process. The powder is soaked in alcohol and again centrifuged and dried. A hard-crystalline substance is created and milled into a powder At a Potent 20:1 Extract Concentration.

Ma Huang Ephedrine Sinica 20:1 Extract! Powerful Energizer, Motivation Booster, Asthma and Lung Congestion Remedy Relief. Expands Lungs for Better Athletic Performance. Enhances Better Optimistic Mood and Healthy Mental OutLook. Glass Half Full Feeling. Boosts Energy Endurance and Stamina and Extra Lung Capacity. Chinese Listed Used for Asthma and Lung Issues for 5000 years and Nothing Better in the World. Normal Healthy People also Benefit Tremendously from Daily Use


WEIGHTLOSS & Appetite Suppressant, Thermal Body Heat Induces Workout Exercises Sweating Cleansing Detox!
Allergies & Sinus & Nasal Congestion-> Bar None! Antidote to Dog & Cat Allergen Dander Exposure
Bronchial Dilator, Asthma Relief, Expands Lungs for Increased Athletic Performance and Anaerobic Endurance Activity, ie. [ GETS YOU OFF THE COUCH ]
Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and antispasmodic properties
Antidote, diaphoretic, diuretic, pectoral, vasoconstrictor and vasodilator
Asthma, hay fever and allergic complaints. Relieving cold, mucus, cough and edema, and promoting wakefulness and activity
The plant also has antiviral effects, particularly against influenza
Ephedra is the strongest stimulant and diaphoretic herb in TCM.. It can be used as a substitute for coffee.
Ma Huang Mo Huang Ephedrine 20-1 Extract, MaHuang Ephedrine 20:1 Extract, Adrenal Stimulant, Mental Stimulant, Weight-Loss_ Appetite Suppressant, Natural ASTHMA REMEDY, Allergic Sinus & Allergy Relief Remedy, Arthritis Relief Remedy

Preparation Suggestion:

Typically advised to starting amount of 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon  Chase Down with Orange Juice or Other Good Flavored Juice for an 8 oz cup of any liquid. You can drink it as a standalone tea or add it to Coffee ,Tea, or another beverage. The powder is water-soluble. However, best way is to take a little powder on a spoon and have some kind of flavored favorite juice ready to chase down powder and taste.

If you find the amount is not strong enough or do not feel any difference, then you can increase the amount. You’ll have to experiment a little to find out what is the exact amount that accomplishes the results you desire, as this varies from person to person. Start Slow and DO NOT TAKE TO LATE IN THE AFTERNOON! Or You’ll be up Late!







Individuals with high blood pressure and heart issues or Diabetes should avoid Ma Huang E. sinica.

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Peter Pickard
Ma Huang Ephedra is a Game Changer Energy Booster

Ephedra Makes my Exercise Workouts Tremendously Better with a lot more energy before, during, and After.